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Program Activities

Part of our comprehensive workbook series, this manual is a supplementary resource to The Phoenix Curriculum Core Program. It provides a range of optional activities, is tailored by grade level for elementary school, grade 6, middle school, and high school. It is especially suitable in alternative schools, summer programs, and afterschool programs.

This resource can be used in the classroom or as part of an after-school program. It is designed for class or small group use, and may help facilitate class participation, group cooperation, and self-disclosure.

The activities range from 5-30 minutes, and can be used to open a class session or provide a “change of pace” later in the session.

They may especially helpful in situations where the students would benefit from a greater degree of physical activity, or to accommodate shorter attention spans.

We strongly recommend that the teacher, counselor, or leader preview the contents of this manual and identify those materials which can best support their specific program activities. The leader may choose to omit those which would be less effective with their group.

See also

  • What Do You Think? — an extremely useful resource available in four versions, providing program activities for elementary school, middle school, high school, adults, and gender-specific girls' programs.