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The Phoenix Curriculum provides effective resources for both gang prevention and gang intervention in schools, communities, and corrections. Our highly successful and innovative resources are used nationwide to address the risk factors underlying gang recruitment and gang involvement. All of our materials are provided under our site license arrangement allowing for unlimited duplication for programs conducted at each designated school, facility, or site. This is a one-time cost– which makes our programs especially affordable!

About Gang Intervention and Gang Prevention

Primary Prevention targets younger students and are provided in schools, after-school, or during vacations. The Phoenix Curriculum provides different resources developed for young people in Elementary Grades, Sixth Grade, and Middle Schools.

Secondary Prevention targets young people who have already displayed early signs of problem behavior or who are at particularly high risk for gang involvement. Our Middle School resources have been used successfully in alternative schools, drug court and diversion programs, group homes, and even detention centers.

Early Intervention

Intervention targets high-risk or gang-involved youth in community-based programs as well as alternative schools, adult gangs and prison gangs, juvenile correctional settings, group homes, halfway houses, parole programs, and probation agencies.

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Gang Intervention and Prevention Resources

Core Prevention — comprehensive evidence-based gang prevention resources, which include a core program and various supplemental materials for elementary school, grade 6, middle school, and alternative schools. It is based on proven cognitive-behavioral principles and has been successful in gang prevention programs across the country, inoculating youth against gang violence and risk factors and increasing linkage to available protective factors

Core Intervention — intensive evidence-based antigang strategies for elementary school, middle school, high school, and alternative schools (100-150 hours at each level). Gang resistance materials include classroom- and counseling-based curricula, designed for higher risk students, including current gang members. This comprehensive curriculum also addresses both risk factors and protective factors [more]

Films — presented in DVD format, with accompanying workbooks, these gang intervention and gang prevention films can be used in schools, detention centers, and community programs. Each DVD contains multiple short videos designed to illustrate key points. Video elements illustrate key decisions and consequences of key risk factors in young gang members' lives. Workbook elements provide the opportunity for participants to identify and evaluate the consequences of key risk factors in their lives. Titles include Choices, Gang Issues, Stories from the Streets, and Kids at Risk. [more]

What Do You Think? — comprehensive story- and issue-based resource supports all program settings: elementary school, middle school, and alternative schools. More than 200 activities address issues for males and females of all ages. Materials are also available in Spanish and for adult programs. [more]

Spanish Language Resources — we offer many programs for Spanish speaking gang members, as well as counselors working in gang intervention and gang prevention programs. [more]

Life Skills — job skills, communications skills, and making the best use of free time. [more]

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