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Girls Program

In addition to the core elements of The Phoenix Curriculum and the Phoenix Gang Intervention Resources, we provide a range of specific resources for girls programs.

As girls have a different pathway to gang involvement, this gender-specific curriculum is for female gang prevention and intervention. These gender-specific curriculum resources are appropriate for both gang prevention with at-risk girls, and intervention for females who are involved with gang members or in gangs.

Designed for girls' groups, or for 1:1 use, these materials provide a range of gender-specific topics and issues for females. They are appropriate for girls of middle school and high school ages.

Building, these gender-specific curriculum resources include elements that target risk factors, relationships, general delinquency, issues with prostitution, girls' self-image, appropriate role models, women's health issues, as well as gang involvement. Gender-specific curriculum materials include:
Catalog Code Title Description Hours
GG9 Reducing Your Risk (for females between the ages of 15 and 22) This workbook addresses the "risk factors" approach to gang involvement and activity for females. 6
GG12 What Do You Think? (women's materials) This series of 18 program activities is designed to facilitate participation, group cooperation, and self-disclosure. 9

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