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Part of The Phoenix Curriculum's schools- and community comprehensive workbook series and used in multiple program settings, Change is designed for the highest risk students. Based on Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET/MI) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), analysis of risk factors, the development of key coping and refusal skills, and the development of a safety net.

The workbook an important supplementary resource to The Phoenix Curriculum Core Program. It is tailored by grade level for young people of various ages, including middle school, high school, and facilities such as alternative schools. It is also suitable in alternative schools and afterschool programs.

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing (MI) has become one of the most effective clinical tools, and is being broadly implemented in correctional and clinical settings. As more staff are becoming familiar with MI and CBT techniques, we have provided a significant element to assist them in this process. Most of our workbooks now include MI-specific tools as part of the participants' materials and in the leaders planning guidance resources as well. The objective is to increase the opportunities to engage the participants in change talk and thinking about change. Resources include dozens of different MI-specific tools, CBT resources, and opportunities for assessment. They make it easy for experienced counselors and new staff alike to engage their clients with MI.

In addition, we have linked our resources to specific stages of change (the Prochaska and DiClemente Transtheoretical Stages of Change Model). Thus, if your participants are in "pre-contemplation," we offer suggestions for the use of certain resources or workbooks. As they begin to address their thinking and internal risk factors through cognitive-behavioral (CBT) interventions, we provide suggestions for the "contemplation," and "preparation" or "determination" stages. Likewise, when they are becoming ready for the "action" stage, we provide suggestions for those resources which are most likely to be helpful at this point.

Our goal is to support your clinical or treatment program with the opportunity to use these CBT and MI-enhanced materials where they can be most effective at supporting your treatment goals for each client. In this process, we also provide short tools to assess the clients readiness for change, and to help assess their progress through the stages of change, as well.

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