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The Phoenix Curriculum provides gang resistance education and training, and evidence-based gang prevention programs for at-risk and troubled youth. Our effective gang prevention curriculum reduces resistance, builds student participation, and guides the process of change to combat youth and gang violence. Social and emotional learning (SEL), Problem-solving skills and coping skills for avoidance, escape, refusal, or resistance support the critical goal of increasing individual self-efficacy. Students who use these materials will be able to:

  • recognize high-risk people, places, things, and situations for youth and gang violence
  • use specific techniques to handle these risks effectively
  • demonstrate competence in problem-solving and avoidance, feelings management (self-monitoring and emotional intelligence), and impulse control
  • identify and engage critical protective factors or assets, including developing a network of safe and supportive people
  • develop pro-social values and behaviors, such as the selection of pro-social friends, empathy for others, the development of positive goals, involvement with a personal support system, participation in positive community organizations and activities
At the end of the program, at-risk kids will have a detailed action plan identifying specific individuals, programs and activities which will support their efforts to resist youth and gang violence.

Gang Prevention or Gang Intervention?

Primary Prevention resources target younger at-risk youth and are provided in schools, after school, or during vacations. These resources are appropriate for young people in high-risk schools or communities who have not developed pattens of problem behavior. The Phoenix Curriculum includes different resources developed for young people in:
Elementary Grades, Sixth Grade, and Middle Schools.

Secondary Prevention targets at-risk and troubled youth who have already displayed early signs of problem behavior or who are at particularly high risk for gang involvement. Our Sixth Grade and Middle School resources are provided to schools, alternative schools, and community program settings, and are also shaped for mentoring relationships.
Sixth Grade, and Middle Schools.

Early Intervention programs target high-risk youth who have come to the attention of their school, community or authorities, but have not offended to a serious degree. These youth are often gang-involved, but may not be actual leaders. These resources include elements of the Phoenix Curriculum (Middle School and High School), the Risks and Decisions program, 10-session curriculum units from the OPEN to Change/Risk Factors resources, mentoring resources, 1:1 counseling resources, and the Community (high school ages) and Middle School What do you think? resources. They are appropriate for community programs, alternative schools, detention centers, diversion programs, and youth on probation.
Middle School, High School, OPEN to Change, Risks & Decisions, What Do YOU Think? resources

Intervention resources target high-risk or gang-involved youth in community-based programs as well as alternative schools, juvenile residential or correctional settings, and probation agencies. They include comprehensive closed group models (100 hours), open group/open admissions programs of 20-150 program hours, multiple sets of gang-focused discussion resources, and 1;1 resource for intervention, desistance, and renunciation. These models are provided by our Phoenix Gang Program.

Emerging adult and intervention and desistance program resources are provided by our Phoenix Gang Program. These include extensive state-of-the-art open and closed group models appropriate for intensive correctional and probation programs, including ad seg stepdown modes, self-study and group resources, safe harbor correctional programs, and comprehensive programming and support models for community reintegration.

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