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What Do You Think?

Part of our comprehensive workbook series and used in multiple program settings, What Do You Think? is an important supplementary resource to The Phoenix Curriculum Core Program. It is tailored by grade level for young people of various ages, including elementary school, grade 6, middle school, and high school. It is also suitable in alternative schools and afterschool programs, and a gender-specific girls' version and an adult version are also available.

It provides the opportunity for participants to examine their thinking on a range of issues relating to gang activity, criminal behavior and other delinquency. It provides the counselor or teacher with a powerful tool for cognitive restructuring (cognitive-behavioral therapy or "CBT").

This resource can be used in class or group settings, and with individuals. Each activity begins with a quotation, and then provides a series of questions. The sequence of questions is intended to guide the thinking of the participants towards examining the thinking behind the quotation — and their own thinking.

The role of the leader is to encourage discussion, self-disclosure, and gently guide a critical examination of where each participant stands on this issue. Using the questions, and counseling skills, the participant may be guided to challenge his/her own thinking.

To facilitate this, we encourage staff members to use a gentle "guiding" approach, rather than confrontation. Moreover, it may be especially helpful to use Motivational Enhancement Therapy or Motivational Interviewing (MET/MI) techniques with this material.

Additionally, the leader should be prepared for the participants to be at any stage of change (The Prochaska/DiClemente Transtheoretical Stages of Change Model). The responses of the participants may be especially helpful in understanding their current stage or status, and can be used to gently guide their thinking towards the next level.

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