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The Phoenix Curriculum offers comprehensive resources for violence prevention, gang prevention, gang intervention, gang resistance, and gang avoidance. These resources were developed in coordination with the New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission and their colleagues at the New Jersey Department of Education.

Our comprehensive gang intervention and prevention program covers grades 4 through high school. We also offer a Spanish language gang and substance abuse treatment curriculum.

The Phoenix Curriculum guides the students to develop self-efficacy in identifying and addressing the highest risk factors for substance abuse, violence, bullying, gang involvement, and other crime. They will develop the ability to recognize high risk people, places, things, and situations, and have confidence that they can handle these risks effectively. Participants will learn how to:

  • deal effectively with gang members and avoid gang violence before they get involved
  • recognize and cope with family, school, and friends risk factors
  • develop a safety net of safe and supportive people
  • enhance their emotional intelligence and impulse control
  • learn new problem-solving and coping skills

The Phoenix Curriculum provides two separate program elements:.

  1. The Gang Prevention Curriculum provides resources designed for elementary, grade 6, middle school and high school students. It includes detailed lesson plans and classroom support resources.
  2. The Gang Intervention Curriculum provides elementary, middle, and high schools with classroom and counseling-based resources designed for the highest risk students. It provides multiple program options, with 100-150 hours of materials at each level. It addresses areas such as gang violence, gang resistance, bullying, peer pressure, substance abuse, anger, aggression, and impulse-control. Gender-specific resources and selected materials in Spanish are provided. Several videos and accompanying workbooks supplement the curriculum. CounselorsŐ resources include tools for overcoming resistance and guiding the process of individual change.

These materials are designed to be used flexibly to achieve school, district, and community objectives.

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