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Peer Pressure

Part of our comprehensive workbook series and used in multiple program settings, Peer Pressure is an important supplementary resource to The Phoenix Curriculum Core Program. It is tailored by grade level for elementary school, grade 6, middle school, and high school. It is also suitable in alternative schools and afterschool programs.

Lessons provide students with the opportunity to examine and practice responses to peer pressure. They are provided as supplements to the peer pressure elements included in the High School Phoenix Core Curriculum. Students will be expected to identify specific behaviors and outcomes from peer pressure, identify steps for avoiding high-risk situations and high-risk people, and model specific coping skills for specific problem situations.

Lesson 1: Avoiding Trouble When You Are With Others

This lesson assesses studentsí behaviors and thoughts while they are with others. Students are encouraged to rethink and evaluate their behaviors. This lesson also makes it possible for the students to recognize their responsibility for decisions they make and possible negative outcomes of their decisions.

Lesson 2: What Can You Do?

This lesson allows students to discuss and organize a plan for trouble situations they may run into in the future. Escape plans and finding other options are critical to leaving or avoiding a risky situation. Students will work on dealing with different thoughts and feelings by identifying someone to talk to. Also, this lesson gives students the opportunity to self-evaluate their own home and if it is a risky place.

Lesson 3: New coping Skills

This lesson focuses on using the our "Stop-Think-Act Model" to develop and enhance coping skills and identifying high risk times of day and coordinating these with safe people and places.

Lesson 4: Practice in Preparing To Avoid Trouble

This purpose of this lesson is to provide the students with many different scenarios containing trouble situations. The students will have the opportunity to use their escape plans and excuses and write how they would handle these situations.

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