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Grade 6 Resources

Part of our comprehensive curriculum, The Phoenix Curriculum Sixth Grade Programs reflect the transitional nature of this age group. Many young people of this age are familiar with aspects of the gang life, and may be on the fringes of gang activity. The curriculum for this age group reflects both PREVENTION resources, and the opportunity for provide elements of gang intervention (see intervention compared to prevention). Our staff are happy to assist in the selection of the most appropriate resources for your program. If you wish to discuss the material with us, please fill out our phone consultation form.

Most programs select resources from the following list:

Decision Matrix

Program Area Recommended for low and medium risk schools Recommended for high risk schools Supplemental for high risk students
Core Program (6th grade 25-hour version) YES    
Core Program (6th grade 50-hour version)   YES  
What Do You Think? YES YES YES
Gang Awareness YES YES YES
DVD — Stories from the Streets     YES
DVD — Gang Issues     YES
Gathering/Closing Activities   OPTIONAL  
Program Activities     YES
Peer Pressure   OPTIONAL YES
Teachers Manual YES YES YES
Change (6th grade intervention resources)     YES
Counselor's Manual     YES
Parents' Materials (English/Spanish) OPTIONAL YES AVAILABLE
Girls (gender-specific materials)     AS NEEDED
Spanish PC (25 hours)   OPTIONAL OPTIONAL

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