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Getting Away From The Gang

Part of our comprehensive workbook series and used in multiple program settings, Getting Away From The gang is an important supplementary resource to The Phoenix Curriculum Core Program designed to help students who are preparing to get away from gang activity. It is tailored by grade level for elementary school, grade 6, middle school, and high school. It is also suitable in alternative schools and afterschool programs.

This material is suitable for:

  • Youth who have made a definite commitment to leave a gang in which they are officially members.
  • Youth who have been active in the gang — though not necessarily members.
  • Youth who have been hanging out or spending some time with a gang and have decided to put some distance between themselves and the group
  • Youth who have begun to consider putting some distance between themselves and a gang, but may not have confidence that this could work

We suggest that the leader or counselor use this material selectively. Know the youth, know the circumstances, and develop the intervention with other professionals. The young person will need the assistance and guidance of a “safety net” of safe and supportive friends. He/she will need a set of safe places, people, and situations to spend time with. The youth will also need guidance in implementing a specific plan to spend time away from the high risk people, places, things, and situations associated with gang activity. If the young person is to develop a “low profile,” they will need these resources! These protective factors should be in place as early as possible in the process.

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