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Alternative School Core Curriculum Resource

The New Freedom/Phoenix 100 Session Program, a comprehensive anti-delinquency resource designed for high school programs targeted to high-risk students. Model program includes 100 one-hour lessons organized into five 20-lesson modules. Shorter and tailored versions are available. Curriculum includes CBT and MI, and focuses on key risk and protective factors. Comprehensive gang intervention element available to support this model. For more information on this exciting new program, please contact us.

Alternative School Intensive Programming Resources

Program Area Recommended Supplemental Resources
Core Prevention Program (middle school 25-hour version)   YES
Core Prevention Program (middle schol 50-hour version) YES  
Core Prevention Program (high school 25-hour version)   YES
Core Prevention Program (high school 50-hour version) YES  
What Do YOU Think? YES  
DVD — Choices YES  
DVD — Kids at Risk link YES  
DVD — Stories from the Streets YES  
DVD — Gang Issues YES  
Gathering/closing Activities   YES
Program Activities YES  
Gang Intervention Resources (GG1, GG2, GG3, GG13, DP1, DP2) YES  
Bullying   YES
Getting Away From The Gang YES  
Peer Pressure   YES
Anger, Aggression, and Violence   YES
What You Need To Know (substance abuse)   YES
Teachers manual YES  
Change (intervention resources) YES  
Counselor's Manual YES  
Parents Materials (English/Spanish) YES  
Girls (gender-specific materials) YES  
Spanish PC (25 hours)   YES
Spanish PC (six short workbooks)   YES
Spanish PC intervention resources   YES
Truancy YES  

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